PayLab Product Updates - 2022

Keep up to date on all the significant releases to PayLab

November 2022

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue unable to login when browser session value is expired
  • Fixed issue with adding line items when certifying
  • Fixed issue with editing/deleting variation line item

October 2022

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where base contract and variation line items not displayed due to line item with blank/null rate
  • Fixed issue with ‘Net Certified to Date’ in claim is not displaying the latest value
  • Fixed display issue for value up to 11 digits

September 2022

Re-opening a Completed Project

By popular demand we are introducing a new ‘Reopen Project’ button in Project Summary section in the specific project that has been marked as completed.

Please note that this is only applicable for Completed project and not applicable for Archived Project.

Learn more about different project status here Prepare and Issue Payment Claims - PayLab Knowledge Base  

Variation is only editable before certification

To avoid any confusion, any changes that impact variation amount is only allowed before the item is certified i.e., changes to Quantity, Rate, or adding/removing child line item. You can update other details like Description and Dates anytime.

Summary of Updates:

  • Ability for Admin to re-send invite email without having to deactivate and activate user
  • Options to open Claim or Certificates PDF document in a new window or to download to your device
  • Emails from PayLab will also display your account name and logo

Bug Fixes:

  • Project Summary table to display Gross Claimed and Gross Certified and issue on Retention and Net Value is now fixed
  • Fixed Retention value calculation when Claim amount/percentage is being entered quickly
  • Fixed Claim amount calculation when variation line is edited after a draft claim already been created
  • Fixed issue with Payment Certification Due Date and Payment Due Date display
  • Fixed issue with ‘Exclude Appendix’ option in ‘Claim PDF Export Settings’
  • Various other bugs and smaller updates

August 2022

Improved Claiming  

Sometimes plans change and here at PayLab we understand this! When making a claim, PayLab automatically updates Due Date for Claim, Certificate and Payment for you. It’s done based on Payment Schedule in Project Settings (which you can always update).  

To save you some clicks, now you don’t have to select claiming by Fixed Value or Percentage, just go straight to the Claim Value Percentage or Amount field and type away. 

Learn more about claiming here Making A Claim - PayLab Knowledge

Base Contract Visibility Improvements 

Want to quickly check your Contract topline numbers? Use our new filter functionality in both the Base Contract and Variations tables to sort by Description or Total Value to Date Created or Percent Claimed and more.  

We’ve also added a Detailed Description field, so you can put more information into your Base Contract Line Items. 

Summary of Updates:

  • PDF documents will be opened/downloaded with more meaningful names 
  • Sort functionality in the Dashboard Project Summary table for Certifiers is now applicable to Project, as well as Project Group 
  • New project members will receive an email when they are added to a project 
  • Contractor/Claimer company name now displayed in Contract Overview 
  • New Users will automatically be set as Active 
  • Option to exclude Appendix that contains base contract breakdown when generating Payment Claim pdf 

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed Base Contract Import to keep nested reference numbers in place 
  • Fixed issue with workflow display in Project Summary table in Certifier Dashboard 
  • Various other bugs and smaller updates 

May 2022

Project Summary Aggregator Table 

This is a hint of what’s to come, improved reporting especially for Clients and Main Contractors. By adding your individual contracts to an overall Project, you can start to see financial progress across all of them. You will be able to see this table if a third party has submitted a Claim to you through PayLab. If you’re currently just using PayLab to make claims, not to worry, we have something coming for you shortly. 

It’s really easy to get this table up and running, follow this link to the PayLab Knowledge Base article to see how. 

Improved Claiming and Certifying 

We’ve been working hard at both ends of this process. You can now have up to five individuals or groups of individuals in both Claim and Certification Approval Workflows and each stage can be individually named; you can allow the Certification Approval Workflow audit trail to be appended to the Certification for reference by the Claimer; additional documents are automatically shared with the other party; and, when reviewing a Certificate we wanted to save you some time so have added some typical reasons why you might not fully certify a line item. 

Other Features Released

  • Ensured Net Claim to Date aligns with Net Certified to Date when Retentions are involved 
  • Enabled Certifiers to Edit/Delete Variation line items within submitted Claims 
  • Hidden deleted Users in account list (you can still click button to find them) 
  • Added Standard Reasons for Rejection of Claim 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Contact Bulk import from CSV or Excel 
  • Fixed Parent Line item requiring comment when not necessary 
  • Added Next Screen Component at Bottom of Contacts Page 
  • Fixed Certificate PDF to show Reasons correctly 
  • Hide the Agg dashboard if not a Certifier 
  • Limited logo image size to avoid system crash 
  • Limited ability to change claim/cert workflows once item is created 
  • Various other bugs and smaller updates 

March 2022

Approval Workflows

Thanks to your feedback, you can now have additional parties in your Claims and Certification Approvals, you can name each step and include the audit trail when you respond. This is particularly useful to let your Accounts teams know via a safe and secure method. No need for signatures on Certificates, PayLab does it for you! 

Email Alerts

We’ve upgraded PayLab task reminders as well. Now you can get email alerts every time a Claim is due or when one arrives for Certifying (along with the in-app alerts you’ve always had). Don’t miss another deadline again thanks to PayLab. 

Other features released

  • Each stage of the approval workflow can be individually named.
  • Allow the Certification Approval Workflow audit trail to be appended to the Certification.
  • You can now add attachments to emails sent from PayLab.
  • Only Admins can edit approval workflows once they’ve been created.
  • Enable Claim and Certification approvers to share documents automatically with third parties.
  • Added Net Certified To Date value in the Claim summary section of a Claim.
  • We’ve also replaced the name of the Trades section with “Claims Received”.

Bug fixes

  • Made sure phone numbers appear in a standard format
  • Fixed delete invitation
  • Added issued date field for claim and certificates
  • Set audit trail default to be “none” to avoid alert clashes
  • Various logs have been fixed and upgraded
  • Tasks now disappear when completed or when superseded
  • Various formatting and grammatical fixes
  • Clarified a range of errors with better instructions on why these occurred
  • Various other bugs


Thanks for using PayLab. If you have any more suggestions, or would like to recommend someone you know who could benefit from PayLab, please let us know.