Making A Claim

To get paid, you must make a claim to your client


If you want to get paid, the best thing to do is send a Claim to your Client. You should do this before the end of each month to make sure you're paid as quickly as possible. This article explains how to successfully do this.


Once you have finished setting up a New Project you will need to make a Claim against it every month that work progresses on it. Your Client should then Certify the Claim and then process the payment according to your agreed terms.

PayLab enables clients to Certify your Claims regardless of whether or not they have a PayLab account themselves. Oh yes!

Here's a link on how to invite your Subcontractor or Client to PayLab to automate the process and make it even easier.

If at any time you navigate away from this section, PayLab will save your progress. Thanks PayLab!


By selecting your Project from the list of Current Projects, you should arrive at the Project Overview page.

In the Project Summary section, select the Make A Claim button.


Fill these details in as appropriate - your client may give you a Claim Reference, otherwise we recommend a sequential one with unique identifier for each job.

For example, if you have contracts all over the world and this one is for a Randwick Road, Sydney location, something like SYDRR001 could work.

Claims are cumulative. Each month, add to the percentage or amount claimed previously.

For example: in Month 1 you claim 10% of Line Item 1

In Month 2 you complete another 15% of Line Item 1. Here your claim for the second month on that line item should be at 25%.


Simply add in the percentage completed, that is what you're claiming for this month, for each Line Item.

The Parent Line Item (the overall total) will automatically calculate a percentage based on the items below it.

You can see this in the image below where the New Roof line is at 24%, while all the other Line Items are at different completion percentages.



These should appear automatically according to the Variations you've already added to the Base Contract (here's how). You just need to apply the completion percentages here also.


Check this to make sure it all is as expected. You can adjust the claim as it stands in two ways (see the arrow below).

1) To be less Certificates received to date: this will be calculated automatically through the PayLab program, you can also adjust this yourself by simply typing in the box to the right; or

2) To be less what has been Paid to date: for this you will need to check your accounting program to establish this amount and then type it into the box on the right.



Add any notes you would like to the Claim, again Internal Notes will only be visible to your team, External Notes will be attached to the Claim you send out to be certified.

By clicking the green Next > button you will be taken to the final stages of making a Claim.


In the To field, you should see the Payee Contact entered when you created the new project. You can add additional people in here should you need to.

Now it's time for the glory... hit that Approve button and you're done!