Setting up Approval Workflows

Create internal approval workflows for both claiming and certifying claims


If your Claims or Certificates require multiple internal approvals, use these workflows to ensure everyone required signs off on them each month.

Any additional parties linked to your project will not be able to see who the approvers are. For the Certifier only, you can add the Approval Audit Trail to the appendix of your issued certificates if desired. This shows who and when claim approval was given.

Claim Approvals

This can be set up when you create your project, or at a later date using the Project Info edit pencil. And you can choose how many steps the claim needs to be approved




Certificate Approvals

Once you have accepted the Contract from your Claimer, in the Claims Received section, select the Contract you would like to add a Certificate Approval Workflow to. As above for Claim Approvals, select the Project Info edit pencil to do this.


You can select how many approval steps are needed in the drop down option (1) and can edit how many approvers are in each step (2)


When editing the approval step you can change who are the approver is (1) edit the approval requirement (2) and can add additional approvers to the step (3)


You can only select Approvers who are Members of the Contract or PayLab Admins.

Each Approver can be Required or Optional. Required Approvers will get an email alert every time their input is needed (see here PayLab Email Alerts for setting up Email Alerts); Optional Approvers will need to be informed individually of their need to jump into PayLab to action an approval.

Reviewing Approvers

By selecting View Details within a Contract Overview, you can quickly see who, if anyone, is required to approve your Claims or Certificates.


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