How to link your Project to a Certifier

Invite third party certifiers to your projects to save time and money.


This guide will help you invite certifiers to specific projects. Inviting Certifiers to specific projects means the will only be able to access that project and wont have visibility on your other projects.

When to use it

Add a third party Certifier when you are setting up the project or after your first claim. That way all the information is in one place and makes it easy to claim the following month.

How to use it

Follow this article to add Certifiers to your project. If you are a certifier wanting to know how to certify another clients project please read this article.

  1. Open the project you wish to add the certifier to. Scroll down to the section 'Project Third parties' and click 'Invite'.
    211208-PayLab-Invite Project Certifiers-Project Overview
  2. Select Certifier if they are Certifying this specific project. Enter the Certifiers' Company Name and Email Address.

    Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 10.39.16 AM
    Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 10.39.52 AM

  3. This person will then receive an invite via email and click 'Join Project'. They will then be taken to the PayLab page where they will either Login if they are already on PayLab or will need to create an account. 211208-PayLab-Invite-certifier-emailWhen they have logged in the Certifier will need to link to an existing project in order to certify it.
  4. Once they have approved the project link they can start certifying once you have sent the first Claim. They will access the certifying within the 'Trades' section in the top menu bar.

If you have also been invited to certify claims for another client, read this article to learn how to link project to your account and certify them. Read here