Your Dashboard

How to Navigate Through Your Dashboard


The Dashboard is your Homepage when logging into the Vault. This article covers how to navigate the dashboard and asset map to find your way to your assets and projects.

When to use it

Once you have created an asset or if you are looking for a specific project under an asset, you can find these on Your Dashboard page.

How to use it

Access Your Assets

Access all your assets underneath the Applications menu on the left-hand bar.

You can also click on the Vault logo on the top left-hand side of the navigation bar to find your way back to your dashboard from any page.

Search for Assets

To search for specific assets, use the Search bar on the top of your left-hand asset list.

View an Asset

To view an asset, select an asset via the left-hand list in your Dashboard by clicking to view it. The icons underneath the asset name displays the applications accessible to you when viewing the specific asset.

Alternatively… click on a point on the right-hand map to view an assets details. Click View Asset to view the asset.

View Asset Map

To exclusively view your Asset Map, collapse the tab of your Asset List by clicking the left arrow icon on the right-hand side.

Zoom In and Out

On a laptop, use your track pad to pinch in or out while hovering over the map. If using a computer mouse, move your mouse scroll wheel up and down to zoom in or out.

Download the Vault Quick Start Guide