The Vault Hierarchy

A breakdown of the different levels for the Vault Hierarchy from Site right down to Point of Interest.


The Vault organises all POI & Elements depending on where they sit within each Asset, on a particular Project that sits on that project's Site.

When to use it

This will give you a good understanding on what permissions your particular role has on each level of the Vault hierarchy.

How to use it

You can have multiple sites within your Vault platform and those sites can have multiple projects and/or multiple assets within that site. Every asset can also have different elements and POI layers.

Vault-Your Vault-01


A Site is the top level of the Vault hierarchy and can be viewed from the Operational Map. A Site can contain one or multiple Projects, and one or multiple Assets (buildings). In essence a Site is a portfolio of Assets.

Vault-Your Vault-Sites-Operational Map-02Site Admins can create Sites for the location of Asset, and therefore the Projects using them. Site Admins should then invite Project Admins to the Site where they will be able to view the Projects they have access to or create themselves.

If Site Admins only want to create the Site, they can then invite Project Admins to the Site and enable them to set up Projects within the Site. Site Admins can change access for anyone to the Site and any Projects contained within the Site.

Site Admin permission level gives ability to see any and all Projects, Assets or data connected with that Site.


A Project is always located within a Site and can contain one or multiple Assets.

Vault-Your Vault-Project-03

If a Project has already been created on a Site (by the Site Admin or another Project Admin) the Project Admin needs to be granted access to that Project.

A Project Admin can:

  • Create a Project on a Site.
  • Change access for anyone to the Projects they are administrators for
  • See the Site their Project is on and basic top-level Site information
  • See all Assets or data connected with their specific Project.

A Project Admin cannot:

  • Give anyone access to the Site (and therefore any other Project on the Site).
  • See Assets, part-Assets or data connected with other Projects on the Site.


The Asset is the total of all the elements of a Site. This is expressed in models, data and information.

Vault-Your Vault-Project02

An Asset is always located on a Site and can be part of one or multiple Projects.

An Asset is also then divided into the types of data held, that is Point Cloud, Model, Photo, 360 Photos, 2D Plans, etc.

A Manager, Engineer and Guest can:

  • Only view the parts of the Asset they have been given access to as a sub-set of the Project.
  • Be given access to the full Asset.
  • Upload, download, edit and delete elements of the Asset which they have been given access to.

A Manager, Engineer and Guest cannot:

  • Invite or give access to other Users to any part of a Site, Project or Asset.


Elements are all the parts that make up an Asset. It is expressed in models, data and information.


An Element is always located within an Asset, as part of a Project on a Site.

Access can be granted to just an Element within the Asset i.e. an item within a room, a room, a collection of rooms, a collection of rooms making up a floor, or a collection of floors making up an Asset.