Point Cloud Viewer

View Point Cloud Data as 3D Models


The Point Cloud Viewer displays your scanned data as 3D models. This article covers the key tools within the Point Cloud Viewer and how to use them.

When to use it

To view your asset and its surroundings as a model and measure key points of the model.

How to use it

Access Point Cloud Tools

You can find all tools and functions for viewing your Point Clouds via the left-hand tab. Click on the Hamburger menu icon on the right-hand side of the tab (see the yellow arrow below) to expand or collapse it.

Change appearance of the Point Cloud model

Watch the above video to understand all the different appearance options listed below.

Change Number of Point Clouds

To change the number of Point Clouds, Adjust the Point Budget slider to increase or decrease the number of points shown.

Zoom in and out of Model

There are 3 ways to zoom in and out of the PointCloud Model. Use the Filed of View slider, if you have a track pad pinch fingers in and out or use the scroll on the mouse.

Customize Background

If you are wanting to change and customize the background, you can do this by clicking the button options underneath the Background section to your preference.

Change Point Cloud Quality

To adjust the quality of your Point Clouds, find the buttons underneath the Splat Quality section and choose between two options of Standard or High Quality.

Change Node Size

You can also Adjust the Minimum Node Size slider below the Splat Quality section to modify the size of your Point Cloud nodes.

Point Cloud Tools

Measure Distance, Areas and Volumes

To measure a range of areas within Point Clouds, click on the button options underneath the Measurement section.

There are different ways to measure which are shown in the videos below. 

To clear the selected options, click on the Red Cross icon to remove all active measurements on the Point Cloud.

Angle Measurement

Distance, Height and Area Measurement


Height Profile and Measurement Tools

Isolate Sections

If you are wanting to create section boxes within your Point Cloud, use the variety of clipping tools underneath the Clipping section.

To clear the selected options, click on the Red Cross icon to remove all active clipping on the Point Cloud.

Volume Clipping

Polygon Clipping

Change Navigation Style

You can select from a range of different navigational styles to view your Point Cloud underneath the Navigation section. You can also change your camera projection in the Camera Projection section below. Choose between two options of Perspective and Orthographic.

Change Navigation Movement Speed

In the same Navigation section, you can adjust the Speed slider to change the movement speed while navigating through Point Clouds.


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