Recommended Naming Conventions

A guide to ensuring your data is organised using organisation wide standardized naming conventions.


The beauty of Vault is the spatial metadata is captured and presented, it can be searched and also found visually throughout Vault. When you're transitioning to spatial information, it is still important to ensure consistency across your organisation. This guide will help you organize your data using standardized Naming Conventions. It covers all the types of files or data you can add to your Vault. 

When to use it

Read through this guide prior to importing data into your Vault, and use the PDF download to share with your Vault contributors. This will ensure consistency across your platform to enable faster uploading, location and processing of files for all stakeholders.

asBuilt recommend one person be responsible for ensuring the naming conventions are met, with every Project Lead being accountable to deliver files, folders and projects to this standard. Download the PDF version here.

How to use it

Each data category has a full description of the Name Element separated by a dash ("-"). This is followed by an example and the interpretation of the example so you can see how it is used.

1. Models

Full Description





Client is Department of Education, Skills and Employment in Australia), of their Melbourne Central office, created by the Architect, as a model, by Wayne Architects, and it’s number 001, of Revit model version 20

2. Point Clouds

Full Description





Client is Reserve Bank of New Zealand, third building, level one, point cloud file, using a Terrestrial scanner, not geo-referenced, completed on 19 January 2021

3. DWG Files

Full Description





Job Number 488, files created on 12 March, 2021, of Area A01, Revision Number 001, Files authored by asBuilt, and it’s CAD version 19

4. 360 Photographs

Full Description

Date(YYMMDD)-Job Number-Building-Level-Area/Zone/Room-SequentialNumber

Example - large environment (i.e. multi-storey building)



Photo taken 1 January 2021, Job Number 488, of building B21, on the ground level, in the north half area (as would be indicated by "A6" or it could be Room A6 - you'd know from your floor plans), and it’s number 001 photo as it's a large space requiring multiple photos to capture it all.

Example - small environment (i.e. house)



Photo taken 1 June 2021, no Job Number, no building number, ground floor Bedroom 2, and it's in the centre of the room (no need for a sequential number as there's only one photo required to capture the whole room)

For 360 photos in a large environment, we also recommend taking a Control Photo in every key location and floor (call it sequential number 000), ideally the floor number by the lift or stairs, so that when you review them it’s clear where you are and that all the photos subsequent are for that floor.

5. Vault Projects Folder Structure

We recommend also following a standard folder structure within Vault. This will again help your team locate files faster and more efficiently. Below is our recommended structure.


Download the PDF here to share with your team.

File Naming Conventions