How do I manage my PayLab subscription?

How to view/edit subscription or add your credit card details to PayLab for subscriptions


PayLab will charge you monthly and all transactions will be made via Stripe, based on the subscription you selected.

When to use it

This article will help if you are not clear on the subscription process or unsure on how to input your credit card details.

How to use it

Once you have created your PayLab account you will need to select the plan that is suitable for your business, this can be changed at anytime in the future.

To view or edit your current plan go to Manage Account in  the Top Menu.

In Plan & Payment section, if you see Choose a Plan button to means that you are currently on free trial mode and will need to upgrade your plan before you can create a project/contract.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 9.47.22 AM

Click on the Choose a Plan to select which plan you wish to use, this will depend on how many projects you will be working on and whether you need to certify. There are three plan tiers to choose from:

  • Starter - Claim ONE contract at a time
  • Performer - Claim up to FIVE contracts
  • Premium - Claim UNLIMITED contracts & Certify up to TWENTY contracts

If you use PayLab for certifying payment claims and you are managing more than 20 projects, you will need the Enterprise Plan, please contact us to get in touch with our sales team.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 9.41.04 AM
You will then be re-directed to the checkout which is hosted by Stripe. This is where you will enter in your email address and credit card details. Your credit card will be charged automatically every month on the day that you sign up for PayLab.
220824-PayLab New Pricing-payment details

If you are already subscribed to a non-free trial mode plan, you will see details of your plan in this section.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 9.45.59 AM

To view all subscriptions available, click on the pencil edit on the Plan & Payment box and click View Pricing. If you are on a non-free trial subscription it will highlight your current subscription.

220824-PayLab-New Pricing-plan and payment-674x349

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 9.41.04 AM

To change your subscription click Update Plan & Payment.

220824-PayLab-New Pricing-update plan and payment-674x349

You will then be redirected to Stripe where you will be able to change or cancel your subscription.

220824-PayLab-New Pricing-update Stripe details

220824-PayLab-New Pricing-Stripe update plan

Every month you will be able to view and download you invoices on PayLab. Go to Manage Account the click the pencil icon for Plan & Payment. You will see all your monthly invoices under Billing History.
Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 9.44.15 AM

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