Getting Started

How to get started on the Vault


To use the Vault, you must be able to sign in or request access to see all your building information, insights and assets located within the Vault. This article covers the basics of how to sign in and request access or support while using the platform.

When to use it

For first time users, you must sign in to gain access to any of your stored data on the Vault. If you need to invite other team members onto the Vault, they can easily request access via the request access button on the main Sign In page. If you experience any unexpected issues while using the Vault, there is also a request support function for this.

How to use it

Sign In

To sign into asBuilt Vault we use your Microsoft account to verify your identity and we enable MFA (multi-factor authentication) to add an additional layer of security to your account. You will be prompted to verify your identity by providing the security code sent to your preferred verification method.

To ensure your successful onboarding to asBuilt Vault, please follow the Step-By-Step guide below.

Once invited to join asBuilt Vault you should receive the below invitation email.

Open the email and accept the invite.

You should be prompted to create a Microsoft account. Select Next. Enter your new password and select next.


You should receive the below verification email. Open the email and copy the security code.

Enter the security code in the account verification prompt and select Next. Select Next to continue the account creation process.


Complete the puzzle and select Done. Select Accept.


You should be directed to the asBuilt Vault login page. Select Sign In.

Enter your Microsoft Account email address and select Next. Then enter your Microsoft Account password and select Sign in.


Select a verification method (Email or Text). You should receive the below verification email or a verification text on your phone.

Open the email or text and copy the security code. Enter the security code in the verification prompt and select Verify.

If presented with the option to use the Microsoft Authenticator app (optional). Select No thanks to complete sign-in or Get it now to register the smartphone app.

If you selected ‘Get it now’ to use the Microsoft Authenticator app. On your mobile phone, download and install the Microsoft Authenticator or On your computer, select Next.

220309-Microsoft Authenticator App-iPhone     
Open the Microsoft Authenticator app.
Select + Add account.
Select Personal account.

220309-Microsoft Authenticator App-add account-iPhone220309-Microsoft Authenticator App-add account-personal-iPhone220309-Microsoft Authenticator App-add personal account-iPhone
Scan the QR code on the computer. The account should be added and should display a six-digit. On your computer, select Done.

220309-Microsoft Authenticator App-account added-iPhone220309-Microsoft Authenticator App-home screen-iPhone

When you sign into asBuilt Vault a notification will be sent to your phone for you to approve the sign-in.

220309-Microsoft Authenticator App-approve sign-in notification-iPhone220309-Microsoft Authenticator App-approve sign-in-iPhone

Request Access

To gain access to specific assets in the Vault, you may need to request access from the Account Owner. On the Vault sign in page, click on the request access button to request this access.


When the popup appears, you will need to input your details. After you have completed this, click the Submit button and your request will move to a pending state until approved by the Account Owner.


Log Out

After signing into the Vault you may want to Log Out of your account later. To do this, click on the dropdown icon on the right-hand side of the top navigation bar (see the yellow circle below).

Next, click Log out to sign out of the Vault.


Request Support

If you would like to Request Support or encounter any issues while using Vault, click the icon on the far right-hand side of the top navigation bar (see the yellow circle below).

Next, input details related to your concern and click the Send button.


Download the Vault Quick Start Guide