File Manager

Manage Files Within Your Asset


The file manager application displays all files within your asset for you to easily manage them in one place. This article covers how to use the File Manager and how to access specific files.

When to use it

When you need to view or download any files relating to your project, whether it be Revit Model files or as-built documentation.

How to use it

View a File

To view a file, pick a file via the left-hand list and click to view. The file details will appear on the right-hand side with information about the file.

Search for Files

To search for specific files, use the Search bar on the top of your left-hand files list.

Find Storage Tier Status of File

The different coloured circles displayed on the right-hand side of a files name shows their Storage Tier Status.

The keys below show the meanings of each colour status:

Green = Hot
Blue = Cold
Grey = Archived

You can also find this in the file details information box on the right-hand side as indicated by the yellow arrow below.

Download File

To download a file, click on the Download button on the bottom right-hand side of the File Details tab.

Download the Vault Quick Start Guide