Adding Variations to a Contract

How to add Variations to any Contract


For every project you should have set up a Base Contract. This article covers how to add a Variation to ensure your Payment Claim is accurate and can be quickly complied and delivered to your Client for Certification.


Every time a Variation is logged by your team, you need to collect the details from them and add them in this section of your claim.


In order to complete all the details for a successful monthly Payment Claim, you need to add all the Variation items you will claim on in order to fulfil it.

To get to the Variations section, find the Contract you wish to adjust (here is an article on finding projects) or click on the project progress line if you are in the Contract already.

Adding line items follows a similar process to the same format as Setting Up A Base Contract. You just select the "+ Add Item" button and fill in the fields as appropriate.


In the below image, we have added two additional items and are working on the third. For all items, the Submit Date and Approved Date will default to today's date if you don't enter anything in.

As with when you set up the Base Contract, you can also create Parent and Child categories by clicking on the + sign at the end of each Item line.

The remaining fields enable you to upload supporting documents such as Word, Excel, PDFs and photos or images; as well as adding notes in the Detailed Description.


Now you have completed this, you may wish to Make a Claim, here's an article to help you do that.

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